Electric Blinds

Electric Blinds or Motorised Blinds are available in two different forms, Battery Operated or 240v Mains Powered.

Now if you are currently undertaking building work and your new Kitchen/Family Room will have a nice set of Bifold Doors or a Glass Wall being installed then the perfect choice is to go for 240v electric blinds. The mains powered motorised blinds can be made into much larger sizes, the motors are silent running, you can operate the blinds from a remote control handset or a wire free wall switch. If you can get the correct power supplies to where the bifold doors are being fitted then this will be the best option to choose.

Now if your building work is complete and you didn’t think you would need blinds but after living in the room for a while you have decided that you do need something, then take a look at our battery operated motorised blinds, these are a fantastic solution for any home, they look exactly the same as the 240v motors, the only difference is the lifting capacity and they are not completely silent, but a great choice where wiring would be a problem.

The motors we use are made by Somfy, all Somfy motors carry a 5 year guarantee and are installed in many homes and business’ in the UK from awnings to blinds and gates to security shutters. The motors we specify are all RTS motors, that means that the electric blinds we install are operated from a remote control handset or if you prefer a wire free wall switch, RTS means Radio Signal so you do not need line of sight like your TV, the signal will pass through walls, ceilings, brickwork and concrete as well as the pelmets we fit to hide the electric blinds. You will have total control with ONE touch operation, push the button once and the electric blinds will lower automatically stopping at the bottom, push the button again and the blinds will raise and stop at the top, or if you want to stop the electric blinds anywhere in between you can. If you have more than one blind we can program the remote control to operate each blind individually, all blinds together or a combination of the two, easy to use and great quality.

Home Automation is something that is becoming a familiar site in many homes today and Somfy also do a range of motors that are compatible with many home automation systems, or they can supply the components needed to make the electric blinds talk to your system, we will be happy to supply your home automation engineer the answers he needs.

Click our movie below and see the battery operated roller blinds in action

 Click our movie below and see the 240v electric blinds in action