Duette Blinds For Bifold Doors

Duette Blinds for Bifold Doors have only just recently become something that can be installed mainly because of the sizes of the fabric required.

Duette Blinds for Bifold Doors really do make good sense, the reason the blinds are called Duette is the honeycomb type structure of the fabric, the way the fabric is made means that they are one of the best types of blind for insulation, and in the UK we tend to use our blinds as much in the Winter as we do in the Summer so they are a very smart choice.

When it comes to Duette blinds of this size we can only offer 240v electric motors so some thought has to go into the installation, you must have a power supply installed to connect the blinds too. The main reason for this is the weight of the fabric, being in two sections you effectively have twice as much weight as say a roller blind or a standard pleated blind, the motor used is the same as the roller blind motor so you have exactly the same control, automatic stopping at the top and the bottom as well as being able to stop the blind anywhere in between, a choice of remote control handset or wire free wall switch is available depending on your preference. The head rail that the motor sits inside of and where the cords go is aluminium and can be powder coated to match your doors to give a nice clean neat finish.

The fabric come in two choices, opaque that will allow light though but you will not be able to see through or black out density that is foil lined, this will really reduce the light into the room but will not be 100% black out as you will get light seeping down the edges and at the bottom, one other benefit of the duette blinds for bifold doors is that you will have a smaller gap between fabric where blinds butt together.

So if you want to give your bifold doors a different look then consider the electric duette blinds.